Increased traffic in Brighton Ridge on West Bailey and Shepherd
Posted on Nov 20th, 2016

Dear Neighbors,
Over the last several months there has been concern over the increased traffic in Brighton Ridge on West Bailey and Shepherd, especially in the morning rush hour as it appears that non-residents are using our streets to by-pass the stop light at 75th and Plainfield-Naperville Road.  I raised this issue with the City of Naperville and I know at least one other resident contacted the city as well.  As a result, the city has recently collected some traffic and speed data.  It appears that more information will be collected in the spring to complete the study.
Ms Hagen was agreeable to sharing the response that I received from the city.  Please find below the letter sent to me by Ashley Hagen, Project Manager in the City of Naperville’s Transportation, Engineering, and Development Department. 
Kay Slocumb
President, BRPOA
Dear Kay,

The City recently completed an evaluation of traffic concerns on Shepherd Drive and Bailey Road.  As part of the evaluation we researched speed data on file, accident history, and performed an all-way stop analysis at the intersection of Torrington Drive / Cardiff Road and Shepherd Drive. 

In June 2016 the City collected speed and volume data on Bailey Road.  According to the City's Master Thoroughfare Plan, Bailey Road is considered a Collector roadway.  A Collector roadway is defined by municipal code as a street that connects the local and neighborhood connector streets to the arterial roads.  The purpose of the Collector is to convey traffic out of the neighborhoods to the arterial streets.  The typical speed range for a Collector roadway is 29-34 mph and the volume is typically between 5,000-12,000 vehicles per day.  The data collected in June reflected that the 85th percentile speed (85% of vehicles were measured driving at or below this speed) for both eastbound and westbound traffic was 32 mph, which is within the typical speed range for a Collector roadway.  The average weekday volume was 2,808 vehicles per day, below the typical average.

Shepherd Drive is classified as a Neighborhood Connector.  The purpose of a Neighborhood Connector roadway is to connect residential and local streets within a neighborhood to collector streets and to the arterial street network.  The typical speed range for a Neighborhood Connector is also 29-34 mph.  The typical ranges are developed based upon speed data collected on other streets of the same classification.  The typical weekday volume on a Neighborhood Connector is 500 - 5,000 vehicles per day.  The City does not currently have speed data on file for Shepherd Drive.  Unfortunately, due to the impending weather and fall and winter operations with our Department of Public Works, we will be unable to collect the speed and volume data on Shepherd Drive until spring 2017.  However, once this data is collected I will follow up with you as to the results. 

An all-way stop warrant analysis was conducted at the intersection of Cardiff Road / Torrington Drive and Shepherd Drive.  Based upon the required warrants this intersection does not meet the criteria for an all-way stop control.  Stop signs are not installed as a traffic calming measure as unwarranted stop signs are also a safety concern. 

Although the speed and volume data on Shepherd Drive cannot be collected until the spring, driver feedback signs will be installed in December, weather dependent.  Driver feedback signs are used to bring additional awareness to drivers of the speed in which they are actually traveling.  I have also been in contact with the Police Department and they will continue their enforcement efforts.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you have.   Again, I will follow up with you in the spring once the data is collected on Shepherd Drive.

Thank you,

Ashley Hagen
Project Manager
Transportation, Engineering, and Development
City of Naperville
400 South Eagle Street
Naperville, Illinois 60540
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